10th B[earth]day Celebration

10th b[EARTH]day celebration Today is a pretty big milestone for RecycleMe Iowa. Today, we have officially been in business for ten years! Ten years of getting our hands dirty in the name of connecting with our community and reducing our collective carbon footprint. 2013 Zero-Waste Station for Jennie Smith's Farm


VeganFest RecycleMe Iowa had a fantastic time participating in the first annual VeganFest2017! Hosted by Food Still Matters, the event was held February 18 at the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines. While some were getting down at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, VeganFest provided an healthier foodie escape to over 600

Meet your Recycling Ranger

Meet your Recycling Ranger At RecycleMe Iowa we don't just want to be a nameless, faceless entity that (conveniently) whisks away your recyclables...we also want to be a friendly face as a part of your sustainable life! Basically we want to be your friend. So, meet Sam! Sam is a RMI Recycling

Use your voice. #eyeseechange.

Use your voice. #eyeseechange. Last night I had the privilege of hearing James Balog speak at Drake's Knapp Center. James is a National Geographic photographer who documents climate change. His speech last night focused on the Glaciers that have been melting at an extremely rapid pace which he has documented with 25+ cameras


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