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Good Vibrations and Recycling Origination.


Good vibrations are an exceptional feeling or state of mind, which radiates outwards and causes a positive reaction to the environment. The initial thought of “Good Vibrations,” is directed to the songs by the Beach Boys or Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. Both are catchy melodies, which make you feel a spark inside and bust a move. The Good vibrations we are speaking of are the contagious acts of greatness done which then creates a spiral of greatness. RecycleMe Iowa took the notion of good vibrations and made it into a hashtag trend, #RecyclingGoodVibesInThe515.

See it, Do it and Spread it.



Our CFO, Ciji shared her “Good Vibes” story with us, the initial motto to start RecycleMe Iowa. The sweet, young Ciji started her calling early on by picking up cans in her Dad’s junkyard with her brother. As you can see, the sensation stuck. Years later, she gave a persuasive speech about curbside recycling; the speech was so good she then persuaded herself to start collecting recycling. She started small at her UNI apartment and would take the recycling to drop off site.



The collection of recycling inspired her and showed her the difference it can make. She describes recycling as an instant gratification feeling of making a difference. She made it her mission for others to make a difference and experience the good vibes too. Many people come up to her, excited to talk about how their recycling is always overflowing and how they hardly have any trash.

“I love hearing them tell their stories cause they smile the whole time,” Ciji said.

Her first recycling route was a bit nerve racking because she worried that people would look at her in confusion or judgment, but the exact opposite happened. The employees of businesses were thanking her every time, grabbing the door for her and helping her carry the recycling.

“They looked forward to recycling pick ups because it was their chance to get outside, be active for a minute and make a positive difference,” Ciji said.

Recycling makes people happy, vibrant and impactful. Just like a smile or a hug, the feeling is contagious and continues to radiate on.


Liked the article? Want to know how to experience good vibes and spread them?!

Sign up your apartment. Your neighbors will catch on and eventually the whole complex will be involved.

Are you in a business without recycling? We have you covered. We’ll help start a program AND provide a service. Keep an eye for those needing it and an ear open for those complaining about it.





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