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Happy Holiday Cheers!

Dear Santa, Des Moines movers and shakers, Eco-nuts and bolts,

In the spirit of holiday letters and excitement for the new year, I had a moment to reflect on everything that happened this year with RecycleMe Iowa. Wow. This year has flown by! Here is a small glimpse of RMI’s 2011 journey…

Containers for the pilot program were made by talented family members. Thanks BeJes and Spiffany!

We cleaned and lettered a recycling mobile so she could enjoy the open road. Cheers to my Dad, Bro and Maison for being supportive, awesome and helpful in this process.

Since sustainability is the coolest thing in the DSM metro, COSC (Center on Sustainable Communities) had a recycling party so naturally, we helped plan and dominate.


We moved into an awesome office space in the Market Building in the East Village that Mike Kinter, an avid restore guru, helped save from being tore down. High-five to Mike!

Des Moines event coordinators became more conscious and New Belgium Brewery became one of our new best friends as we helped inspire recyclers at events in DSM and Charolette, NC. We are grateful for your sustainable role model ways NBB. Clink. Cheers!

We added more eco-minds to the team and celebrated sustainability with COSC’s annual EVERGREEN fundraiser to end the year with a bang.

RMI has grown from a tiny little seed planted in one mind to an incredible organization making a difference. Having high sustainable standards while having fun in the process makes this feel more like a movement than a job. Thus, the results have spoken for themselves; recyclable materials no longer want to OCCUPY the landfill.

This movement is only possible because of the love and support from so many individuals and organizations who carry the same desire; we can always do better for the community and protect the environment in the process. The overall community aspiration to make Des Moines greener and greater has been my #1 inspiration to keep fighting the good fight. Thanks everyone!

Amidst the chaos of moving into the office, a coffee mug was found that stated “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” and it couldn’t be more true. It has become part of our motto. Cheers to Shena for finding the inspirational mug!

I can speak for the team when I say that we are all motivated, inspired and super excited for 2012. (Many surprises await.) Let’s kick trash and take names all year long 515! It’s up to each one of us to make the difference. Here are some ways you can do your part.

  1. Apartment tenants – sign up for the service (or tell a friend) if you haven’t already
  2. Small Businesses – consultations are free, join the club by contacting us at
  3. Event Cordinators – add waste diversion to this years budget! We look forward to connecting with you
  4. Volunteers – sign up to party with us for a gig next year
  5. Everyone else – stay inspired by us throughout the year and keep up to date: (FB & Twitter)

Whether you have been naughty or nice, enjoy the rest of the year to the fullest. We appreciate all of you for keeping the fire fueled as we make 515 more sustainable and more fun.

Now, hold up your eggnog and sip with me,
Cheers from the Chief Recycling Officer and the RMI gang!

Special thanks goes to the following for so much love and support. I couldn’t have done this without you. Much much love!

The entire team of RMI, all of our Recycling Rockstars, Ninja’s and Rangers, Grubbs, KP, Mom, Dad, Bro, BeJes, Spiffany, Carrie Boyle, Hammie, Zoe, Jason Esler, the COSC crew, Pete, Jenny Vollenweider, Becca, Shena, Ved, Becke, Holz, Matt F, Schminkels, Mark Miner, Ryan Ellsworth, Paul Nemmers, Patrick Dinville, Kasey Pfeifer, Chris Cook, Amber P, Farmer Jennie, Dudley, Jess Barge, Lindsey Turner, Jamie Cunningham, Anne, G-rat, Janet Mead, Emily Beumer, Kate the Great, Joanna & New Belgium Brew Crew, Tee & Adventure Fit Clan, Klinton, Chris, Bobbie Jo, 28205, Bryan Sanford, Josh Burmeister, Amber Duimstra, Matt Guess, and insert your name here.

Organizations that deserve a thank you:
Urban Ambassadors, Juice, Des Moines Business Record, Iowa DNR, Metro Waste, International Paper, Center on Sustainable Communities, ABC5, WHO TV 13, Raygun, Ingersoll Live, Des Moines Music Coalition, Big City Burgers and Greens, GreenRU, Earth Farms, CharMeck, New Belgium Brewery, Adventure Fit, U.S. National Whitewater Center, Funk Shui and RecycleScene.

A special shout out to Angela Clark. If it weren’t for you, this journey would have never happened. Des Moines and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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