Recycle Me

The facts are in folks. If you’ve been living behind a rock, you may not know, so we’ll tell you now.  RecycleMe Iowa got it’s ‘Sort On’ last weekend in Des Moines with Ingersoll Live and New Belgium’s Urban Assault Ride.  Way to go Recycling Rockstars!

Check out these stats:
Ingersoll Live
Compost: 280 lbs
140 lbs
Landfill: 85 lbs
Total Materials: 505 lbs
Total Diversion:  420lbs  83%

Attendance: 7500+

Recycling Rangers & Compost Commanders at Waste Station #1 

Urban Assault Ride
Compost: 120 lbs
Recycling: 160 lbs
Landfill: 15 lbs
Total Materials: 295 lbs
Total Diversion: 280 lbs     94.9%

Attendance: 1500+

Urban Assault Ride

Gettin' Sorted at Mullet's for the Urban Assault Ride
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