Recycle Me

It’s Earth Day and it’s our Birthday!!!

Happy Earth Day all you recycling gurus!!!

It’s our favorite time of the year. Time to reconnect with the Earth, pat yourself on the back for the changes you’ve made and make that new Earth Day resolution. Heck, go outside and pick up some trash! The winter is leaving (hopefully) and underneath all that grime is litter and it isn’t going away. Put on some gloves and go make the day great. We appreciate each and every one of you who does your part.

RecycleMe Iowa is in our 3rd year now (we made it through our terrible two’s! yay!) and we still believe that every day is Earth Day. With all the crazy weather this year, all we ask is for you to be awesome today and join us in our journey of Global Cooling.
Here’s how:
1. Apartment tenants, sign up now!
2. Businesses, get a quote and let us bring the good vibes to your office!
3. Events, zero-waste makes your event less trashy (pun intended)!

Thank you Des Moines for allowing us to have a home here, lets keep greening and growing together!



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