Recycle Me

“Life is kind, and kind is kind.” Jack Kerouac, On the road

So far so good. The road has been filled with kind folks everywhere on our travels to NC so we wanted to give some special shout outs to those who have gone the extra mile and shared their kindness.

A nice little break in Covington, KY was shared with some great people and a stop at a restaurant where Rain Man was filmed. Cheers to Gary, Rhiannon, Madison, Machita, Marv, and Mitch! Oh yeah and Walter (the dog).

Pompilios in Covington, KY

An overnight rest thanks to CouchSurfer Klinton in Knoxville, TN let us get some zzzz’s before continuing the journey.

Quick stop to GSD in amazing Asheville, NC….. and where else would RMI get work done other than a recycled 1963 Lodekka Double Decker Bus! Stay tuned for more…

Entry to Double D's Coffe & Desserts


RecycleMe working on the patio of Double D's Coffee & Desserts


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