Recycle Me

Sort IT out! (of the landfill)

To everyone who made it out to the New Belgium Clips of Faith event, THANK YOU!
With the help from YOU we managed to divert over 48lbs of materials from the landfill.

The picture shows from left to right.  Compost!  Recycling! and finally waste.

Here is our hard-stats:
Compost: 40lbs
Recycling: 8.6lbs
Waste: 3.8lbs
Total: 52.4lbs
Attendance: 600+
Diverted from the Landfill: 48.6lbs roughly 92.7%
We had the second lowest waste in all of New Belgium Clips of Faith 2011 events, thus far. Only 2nd to Boulder, CO who had 96% diversion. High Five to New Belgium and Eco-Cycle for being #1!

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