Recycle Me

The madness is in you and in me

The Madness lives on…through the Des Moines streets, Des Moines tournaments and through those in the crowd.

What is madness? The rush of the moment, the extreme expression or the explosive genius we all hold inside? Maybe it’s the tendencies, which make us tick or the sporadic actions we adore, or even the jolt you get when you watch your favorite team move into their second overtime (UNI.)

All this madness makes us who we are and makes us feel alive. 

The madness that makes me tick is the people in the crowd who leave their trash behind and the parents who teach their children it’s okay. They are in a stadium, a facility that is not their own, which they’ve bought items to fuel with and can’t take the extra steps on the way out or to the concession stand to throw it away? This isn’t their house; they can’t just leave their things expecting someone to tidy after them. To me, that is a specific habit, which can be translated in so many different routes for dysfunction.

The madness I adore is when people come together for a selfless act to make the outside life more enjoyable. Those who spend hours working to clean up the lakes, pick up the parks or fix the equipment so others can live fully in nature. It’s a beautiful sight, to see someone pick up trash that isn’t their own, take the responsibility for others, maintain the problems not caused by them and treat something as if it was their belonging. The people who give and respect all that they have, not just for themselves but also for the greater good.




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