New Year for New Habits

Welcome to the first High-Five Friday of 2013 everyone! Each January people around the world take a moment to reflect on the past year and the habits they formed, which ones they want to change and begin a plan of action to have a better, brighter and more fulfilled new year. As we plan our year at RecycleMe Iowa we too reflected on the past so we can have better, brighter and more filled recycling bins this coming year.

This is what we came up with as we reflected:
1. We have the BEST clients ever. Seriously. We call them our recycling rockstars because they are rockstars. They keep us inspired and motivated so we can continue this great recycling service with a smile. They definitely have gratitude in their attitude for being able to finally have a recycling service provided to them.

2. There have been many people behind the scenes that have been a tremendous help in executing successful events. Thank you GreenRU, Confluence Brewery, Fresh Cafe, Host, New Belgium Brewery, Star Bar, COSC (Center on Sustainable Communities), The Tomorrow Plan, Cale Neighbors, Chris Holz, Urban Ambassadors, Colton Davis, Ben Davidson, Tom Bos, Jamie Cunningham, Justin Schoen, Liz Aldelman, The newly married Tuttle’s, and all the family and friends who keep us grounded while pushing us forward. Cheers mates!

3. Team RMI. You’ve brought a new ‘can-do’ attitude to the Des Moines green scene and I couldn’t be prouder and more convinced that we will help the city see how it’s possible to be progressive in the waste industry. Just because we have plenty of land doesn’t mean we want more landfills. We will divert even more waste this year and do so with a smile on our face and end our weeks with High-Five’s on Fridays for a job well done. Onward and Upward to 2013! You rock team RMI!

**To all the business owners, workers, apartment tenants, landlords, team members, green organizations and event planners – Thank you for being awesome, progressive and having a positive attitude knowing that together we can be the change we wish to see in Des Moines.**

Want to join the good vibes movement and create a habit this year your friends won’t ask you to break?

Here’s how:
Small Businesses –
Apartment Tenants –
Events[email protected]

We look forward to another successful year in the progressive waste movement and bringing on more recycling rockstars with good vibes.