Recycle Me

What We Do

RecycleMe Iowa (RMI) is a full recycling service that offers indoor and outdoor pickup options at hundreds of apartments, offices, & multi-unit apartment complexes. We also provide zero-waste consultation and full recycling services for events up to 30,000 attendees.

How We Got Here

Our Mission: Provide Affordable, Convenient Access to Recycling Programs and Services. Before RecycleMe Iowa, there wasn’t a local affordable option for recycling. We recognized this problem, reached out to friends and other community members to gather information and support, and RecycleMe Iowa was born Earth Day 2010.

How It Works

Simple. Convenient. Responsible.


Step 1

Fill out your sign up form.

Step 2

Wait to hear back from a RecycleMe representative.

Step 3

We drop off recycling containers, add you to the routes and solve your recycling issues.

What Customers Say

Thank you SO much for providing for folks like me!