Love Done Local: Sustainable Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…or at least the stores. For some, Valentine’s Day is a commercialized advertising-created holiday that tricks you into thinking overpriced roses and a giant stuffed pink teddy bear mean love. But, Valentine’s Day can also be a bright day in the middle of gray, bleak winter to tell your loved ones–your besties, sweetheart, furry baby, and even your parents–that you care about them. Luckily, in central Iowa we have access to a wealth of local businesses that offer sustainable products and services to make any heart happy. So, get out of the Hallmark aisle and into the community for locally sold goods and great date ideas.

Healthy Body, Happy <3

Taking care of your body and encouraging others to do the same is sexy.

  • Hit up the East Village Spa for some much needed pampering and relaxation. Gift yourself a facial, get your soon-to-be-momma friend a Pampering Pregnancy Massage, or book the couple’s room so both you and BAE can get an EV Signature Massage.
  • Midwest Acupuncture Clinic Lobby

    Midwest Acupuncture Clinic Lobby

    Ever tried acupuncture? It’s virtually painless and is incredibly relaxing; most people even fall into a deep state ofmeditation/relaxation or asleep! Midwest Acupuncture Clinic is the place to go for natural, holistic health treatments including offers acupuncture as well as cupping, moxibustion, and tui’na massage. A trip to the clinic would make a  wonderful gift for someone you want to be happy and healthy (including yourself!).

  • Let’s be honest. We all have issues–digestive problems, lower back pain, insomnia, knee pain…you (and your loved one) shouldn’t have to live with pain and discomfort that interrupts your life. Thankfully there are rad people like Dr. Angie Monthei of Complete Wellness Chiropractic in Valley Junction to make it better.  A trip to the clinic could be just what your partner needs (and then you won’t have to keep hearing about their darn plantar fasciitis!)

Treat Yo’ Self

Treat Yo Self Gif

Treat Yo Self, Parks and Recreation

A stale heart-shaped box of chocolate or fresh, local sweet treats? Yeah, we know what we would choose to.

  • You don’t have to be a health nut to fall in love with Campbell’s Nutrition. Peruse the aisles stocked with organic, nutritious foods for the perfect fair trade dark chocolate bar or pick up produce to cook up a romantic meal. The groceries at Campbell’s Nutrition come from 40 Iowa-based suppliers, so you can feel great about eating fresh and local.
Chocolaterie Stam Logo

Chocolaterie Stam Logo

  • According to the local Chocolaterie Stam, “some suggest the phenylethylamine in dark chocolate stimulates the nervous system, acting as an aphrodisiac.” That’s all we needed to know…bring on the bonbons.

Delightful Dates

Lady & The Tramp Gif

Lady & The Tramp

  • Valentine's Day Raygun Shirt

    Valentine’s Day Raygun Shirt

    Take a walk. Seriously, you don’t have to take a romantic weekend to a countryside B&B to reignite the passion for your significant other or your corner of the world. Head to the East Village and simply walk around. Climb the steps up to the Capitol, explore the grounds, and then take an urban adventure around the EV streets that have seem ample development lately. Shop at locally-owned wonders for a card at Domestica and a gift Raygun. There, you can pick up something “love” themed your sweetheart will can actually use, like a “Someone in Des Moines Loves Me” coaster or a “Peace. Love. Iowa” mug. Our personal favorite is “Love is Love” tee and a portion of the proceeds will go to One Iowa.

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