Meet your Recycling Ranger

At RecycleMe Iowa we don’t just want to be a nameless, faceless entity that (conveniently) whisks away your recyclables…we also want to be a friendly face as a part of your sustainable life! Basically we want to be your friend. So, meet Sam! Sam is a RMI Recycling Ranger which means she drives routes, collects recycling products, and is an essential part of the RMI team. So, if you happen to see Sam on her route don’t be afraid to say hey!

1. What’s your role at RMI? What do you do?

I’m a Recycling Ranger which means I pick up the recycling right from the clients!

2. Where are you from?

I am from Des Moines, Iowa. Yay!

3. When did you first get involved? How did you hear about it?

I heard about RecycleMe Iowa through a friend who was already doing routes and who is a friend of Ciji’s. (Side note: Ciji is the founder and #girlboss of RMI!)

4. If you could teach people one thing about recycling/sustainability what would it be?

I would just stress how easy it is just daily to do little impactful things.

5. What’s your own personal recycling/sustainability goal?

My personal sustainability goal this year is to find more ways to upcycle.

6. What’s the best/your favorite part about RMI?. 

The best part about RecycleMe Iowa is directly seeing the impact of those participating businesses’ and people’s efforts. It really adds up, you know?